beauty hacks when travelling

Top Ten Beauty Hacks When Traveling


Travel means that you are off of your routine and you can have a lot of trouble giving yourself the care that you need. When you are on the road a lot, you’ll find that you can start looking like a wreck very quickly! Use these tips to stay on track whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile.


10. Skip the Bright Nail Polish

When you’re on the go, nail polish chips far too easily. Skip the brightly-colored polishes that will be very noticeable when they chip, and simply keep your nails plain and neat instead.


9. Boar Bristle to the Rescue

If you are someone who deals with static in your hair, tame your locks with boar bristle. Boar bristle sleeks the oil at the top of your hair to the bottom, and it leaves your hair in good shape, unlike plastic brushes.


8. Come Up With a Basic Simple Makeup Routine

You don’t have a lot of time when you are on the road. That means that your makeup routine needs to get pared down to something that you can handle inside of five minutes. For many people, that means skipping the foundation and simply taking care of their lips and their eyes. You can get a fairly finished look simply by doing your makeup this way.


7. Dry Shampoo

When we think about shampoo, we’re usually thinking about something that is liquid. Dry shampoo can be shaken into your hair, allowed to sit to pull in grease, and then shaken out. Corn starch can also be used for this in a pinch.


6. Blot, Blot, Blot!

Avoid the shine and stick a pack of oil blotting papers into your bag. Oil blotting papers remove excess oil from your skin, which will reduce any of that pesky shininess.


5. Lip Balm and Lots of It

When you are in and out of places with very dry air, the moisture is going to get sucked right out of your lips. Replace the moisture with your favorite lip balm in a sheer shimmer.


4. Wash With Water

Your skin will already be quite dry if you are on the road. Instead of using soap, splash water on your face in the morning. This prevents you from drying out under all of that dehydrating hotel soap!


3. Get Lots of Sleep

Make sure that you get the amount of sleep that you need to function. Some people can get by with seven or eight hours of sleep, while other people need ten. However much sleep you need, don’t shortchange yourself.



2. Crushed Ice Compress

Your eyes can look very tired, but you can give them a quick fix-up with crushed ice wrapped in a wash cloth. Set the impromptu ice pack over each eye for about one to two minutes to bring down swelling and redness.


1. Drink Lots of Water

If you have noticed that there are more wrinkles on your face when you travel, it is likely due to dehydration. Dehydration makes you look sunken and it takes the elasticity away from your skin. Drink water whenever you can, whether it’s from a bottle or a water fountain. This is something that can make a huge difference to how well you look when you are on the road.


If you are thinking about traveling, make sure that you consider how you can look your best. There are plenty of small ways for you to keep looking good, so think about what works for you.

romantic trip tips

10 Ways to Make a Couple’s Road Trip Romantic

Spending time with your special someone is a perfect time to rekindle the relationship. Couples usually have dinner together, watch movie every weekend or do the laundry together. These are just the most common activities couples do together.


Are you thinking of a different way to spend your weekend together? Then go on a road trip. But not just the typical road trip. Make this activity romantic and distinct, not just burning the tires of the car. Turn your auto into a love boat version.


10. Plan ahead of time – Of course, you need to plan the occasion to make certain that it will go according to what you intend to happen. To make the event romantic and a day-to-remember, it is very important to prepare things. Doing this can help you avoid certain mishaps from occurring. You need to consider if both are free on that particular day. You do not want to interrupt an essential appointment of your partner because of your plan.

9. Create itinerary – Decide where you plan to head to. Select the highways and roadways that you will take. In this manner, you can check out what sites you will be able to pass by. Maybe you can drop by a beautiful park,local eatery, souvenir shop or a scenic view. If you haven’t decided yet, use a map to guide you.

8. Prepare foodie – Buy some foods and drinks especially those snacks that you both love to eat. You may pack your favorite dishes but be sure to store them in tightly-covered container to avoid spill. Keep all the foods inside a basket or storage. Never forget to bring extra cash in case you want to buy other food or souvenir.

7. Wear favorite shirt – In case you have a favorite shirt given by your partner, wear it on that day. Or, you may buy a couple shirt which you both could wear while having the road trip. It is a good way of showing that you two are taken.

6. Spray on the perfume you used when you met your partner – Does your partner loves the scent of your perfume? One of the best ways to show that you appreciate your partner is having on what he/she likes. If she loves your masculine scent, then have it on. Scents can truly add romantic sense to your trip.

5. Play romantic music – Bring the CDs of the songs that are special to both of you. You may also download free music on media player and connect it to your car. While driving, listen to the songs that represents your love story or those that serve as inspiration.

4. Reminisce the past – Have a romantic conversation. Talk about the time you first laid eyes on your significant other and what made you liked each other. Can you still remember the color of your partner’s shirt during that time? Where did you first met? Bringing back all those memories is surely a good way to strengthen the relationship.

3. Stop by scenic spots – Take a stop along the ways. For instance, you pass by a beautiful park, you can take a rest for awhile and enjoy a relaxing moment together. Go sightseeing and savor the panoramic scenes. Or, have a short walk hand in hand.

2. Capture every moment – Be sure to bring along your camera to capture those memorable times of your road trip. You can directly upload it on your social media profile to share it to the world. Or you can have it printed then place it in a photo album to create a lasting memory.

1. Check vehicle – Needless to say, a road trip won’t be possible without a car. So it is vital to have your car checked up to ensure that it is in good condition. Have a tire service to check if there is a sign of tear or low pressure. If there is a need to change oil, better do it before the scheduled day. It would be distressing to experience car problem in the middle of nowhere. Hence to avoid break down, run a complete check up starting from the engine, brakes up to the car equipment.

Taking a road trip is an excellent means of unwinding and relaxing with your special someone. Indeed, it’s very unique. Safety on the road should be the primary consideration. So, be sure to check your car and lock it when you get out for a stop.